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September                                               CFES


Name of Lesson: Classmate Interview


Goal:  Students will interview and get to know classmates they don’t usually socialize with


Objective(s): to have students work and become familiar with students they don’t usually socialize with so that they can build better relationships with all classmates


Method(s):  Discuss with students what it is like in the work place getting to know and having to work with people you don’t know.  The discussion can sound like: “Through working with others you get to learn new things about them and have an easier time completing classroom tasks. It is also interesting when working with others to find out what sorts of things you have in common also to learn something new or surprising about someone who will be in your class all year. This activity should also help you learn how to network. In most of your professional life you will have to talk to other people and make connections in order to help you with your future work goals, you might meet someone at a meeting that will help you get a job or help you get the money you need to start a business, or help you get into a school that you want to get into. Over the next 10 mins you will interview a classmate in the room you don’t know to well and then some of  you will share the information you have learned about a classmate to the rest of the class.”


Time Needed: 29 mins or 1 session


Materials needed: Interview form…. Attached. see files below


Evaluation: Ask students if they were able to learn something new about someone, and if they would feel comfortable meeting someone new on other occasions.  

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